2012 11 03 “Design Me A Planet”A Futurist Global Think Tank A Profile of Michel Saloff-Coste

“Design Me A Planet”—A Futurist Global Think TankA Profile of Michel Saloff-Coste
Perhaps our most ambitious hub is an organization called “Design Me a Planet” based in of Paris, France—an inspired “think tank” founded by Michel Saloff-Coste whose purpose is to create and disseminate solutions for global issues at the planetary level. The founder of the Club of Budapest in France, Michel has been closely associated with Welcoming Committee member Ervin Lazslo and many other leading European innovators and visionaries. Michel is a bestselling author in France who is known worldwide as a change catalyst, global futurist, and integral thinker—and also as an artist whose work hangs in prestigious museums. And now he’s a friend of the Birth 2012 movement.