An Intergenerational Dialogue to Inspire a Creative Leadership 
Sunday August 25 to Wednesday August 28, 2013

Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris, ​
since the conference is dedicated to the future of the Youth
Venue: Hellenic House,
since Aristotle was the first philosopher who described the notion of Common Good

Creation: Artistic Workshop
Michel Saloff Coste and 'Design Me a Planet' Team.
Why and how we can re-design the planet : open innovation, artistic processus and planetary award.
Collective collaborative drawing of futures for the planet earth.

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The Common Good Forum represents an Initiative to bring together experts and practitioners in various fields to reconsider economics and other areas of human enterprise with an emphasis on the common good. 
This Initiative aims to empower people to engage in actively re-thinking economic, political and cultural issues for the benefit of the global and local common good.
​As a community, we collaborate to understand the perception of the common good, ​and shape a Common Vision for the governance of the Commons.
As a Bridge-Builder, the Common Good Forum promotes cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among local and global communities.​
It brings together Thinkers and Practitioners for Innovative Commons-Based Solution:
1. to facilitate exchange of information and best practices and build synergy between local civil society organisations with decision-makers.
2. to raise the profile and the visibility of innovative policy and practices of local actors on the global scene​.
In particular the Forum puts a keen emphasis on trialogue between seniors, the young, and those in middle years. Bringing together the experience of seniors, the energy of those in middle years, and the vision and passion of the young, the Forum will collect, amplify and communicate productive ideas and best practices to support people and communities locally and globally engaged in creating new models.
Developing p​rograms dedicated to the understanding of values and principles related to the common good, and sharing vision with closely related philosophy such like 'Ubuntu'.​ 
Managing a French- and English-Speaking Network Platform facili​tating ​the sharing of knowledge and experience to promote a good governance of the Commons. 
This will help contribute to the creation of ​a benchmarking of best practices with ​​​​​​​new ways of managing resources, inter-relationships, governing structures, values and standards.​