Saturday, November 9 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Michel Saloff-Coste
Desgin me a planet  

Visiting French artist and scientist Michel will talk about this international project and movement that asks participants to design their own planet.  From Michel, "Come design your planet and invent a path for the future of mankind. A new art is born: the planetary design.   Everyone is invited to participate in this creative emergence where all cultures will be able to unfold their genius." Appropriate for all ages.  If you speak French, all the better. 

Participants will imagine and create what their planet would look and feel like as they use watercolor paints.  In a context where mankind and the planet earth are challenged by major questions about long term global future, you are invited to a very unique workshop led by a profound and famous "avant garde" artist of the 20th century.  Donations are welcome for the paper and project.  

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Whom would you recognize today as being deeply connected, and who has made or is making a great contribution in shifting consciousness? Gandhi, Mother Teresa? The Dalai Lama? Do you believe that you could reach the same degree of connectedness and make a similar contribution in serving the world? If the answer is: No, could you accept that this could be a limiting belief? That with the right intention, tools, practices and support you could change this belief and actually expand your consciousness to their level, and beyond?

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8 septembre 2013
Humanity has never faced a challenge such as the one we face today. It is not the destiny of a single civilization, nor of a single nation that is at stake, but the destiny of each and every person. We have the power to define that destiny, and while we now have the technological capacity to realize our oldest dreams, we also face the nightmare of annihilation by the weapons we ourselves have made. Now we experience a challenge in which we must risk ourselves, and either we will lose reality, or we will access our own essence. In this game, we do not have the option of choosing double or nothing, for we will win the first time or not at all, as we will not have a second chance. The lightning progression of science accompanied by the consequent degradation of the health of the planet means that there can be no delay. But perhaps the same technology gives us the power to create a global society without miseries, free of the labors for survival to which we have always been chained. How, then, shall we overcome the planetary crisis that we face, in which two-thirds of human deaths come from starvation; in which the surface of the globe touched by war steadily increases; in which each year a larger share of farmland is degraded into desert by the use of synthetic fertilizers, worsening still the earth's ecological balance? While unconsciousness takes us surely and rapidly towards holocaust, we might save ourselves by transcending cultural differences and the selfishness that scatters our energies. Each day, by the efforts that we make in the full search for our humanity, we increase the odds of success, while each day that we pass in unconsciousness brings us towards nothingness. We face, ultimately, the choice between love and death. This book presents a new approach to the reality that emerges today from the edges of our awareness to the forefront of a planetary awareness. After the eras of hunting and gathering, agriculture, and industrialism, we are falling into a new type of society based on Creation and Communication. The beginning of a new era brings with it a flood of questions, including these: • How does our current situation compare with the preceding stages of the development of humanity? • What tools do we need to face the current context? • How shall we use these tools to bring the peace and planetary harmony necessary for the survival of the species?

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Michel Saloff-Coste is a change catalyst, vanguard artist, global futurist, business advisor and entrepreneur working with individuals, corporations and governments to create “fast insights into alternative futures”. He is a respected consultant and keynote speaker and has addressed many of the most important companies in the world raising global issues and creating awareness. As a contemporary artist Michel has explored a wide variety of mediums: painting, photography, video and music. His work has been exhibited and collected by many private galleries and individuals but also leading art institutions such as the Museun of Modern Art in Paris, Centre George Pompidou. The focus of Saloff-Costes’s research and the subject matter of many of his book is on the paradigm shift within the information society that he himself defines as a 'Creation-Communication Society'. He defines the evolution of civilization in four waves – namely 'hunting & gathering', 'agriculture & breeding,' 'industry & commerce,' and 'creation & communication'. These days Michel’s passions include the research of: The major tendencies that transform development of our civilization at planetary level and the changes needed. How economic, social and ecological development can be harmonized. How to envisage the future with innovative and creative figures in a wide range of fields and industries. New tools and processes to create breakthrough innovations by applying insights from the sciences of complexity and cognition and the daily practice of a variety of scientific, artistic and spiritual disciplines. His personal aspiration is to help catalyze the emerging new civilization and cocreate a world sustainable business model. In 2011, he became head for R&D and International development of In Principo Consulting; in 2012, President of DESIGN ME A PLANET an ONG dedicated in researching solutions for global issues on planetary level and in 2013, International Development Associate of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Author of numerous bestseller books, Michel Saloff Coste is regularly interviewed in press, radio and television.