2015 01 17 Meeting with the bestselling author, popular scholar and existentialist Irvin D. Yalom

The film devoted to Irvin Yalom's life and work will be shown at the Roxie Theatre, 3117 16th St, San Francisco, 94103,  on Saturday, January 17, at 1:50 as part of the Jewish Film Festival.  Afterwards Irv will say a few words.

Yalom's Cure
Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 2:00PM 

$12 Members | $13 Seniors/Students | $14 GA

Dir. Sabine Gisiger Switzerland, 2014, 77 min
Bestselling author, popular scholar and existentialist Irvin D. Yalom is one of the most influential living psychotherapists. This cinematic documentary is more than a classic biography. Yalom takes viewers on an existential journey, navigating the depths and shallows of the human psyche. In this role as a guide, he imparts his discernments and provides profound insight into his own inner life. Dr. Yalom's books have sold millions of copies worldwide and critics describe him as: mind-bending, stunning, inspiring, haunting, life- changing.