07h00-08h30 Petit déjeuner à l'hotel Creekside Inn 3400 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California 94306.

08h30 08h45  Acceuil at Enterprise Development Group 930 Roble Ridge Road  Palo Alto,CA. 94306

08h45-09h30  Global Challenges and Innovative Societies: How can civilisations and world regions react to major threats and opportunities that will affect the global community in the next decades? , Jean-Eric Aubert. With a 40 years experience of studying innovation systems around the world and of advising governments through international organisations, Jean-Eric Aubert will present insights on major economic and social issues faced by the global community in the next decades and possible countries' responses, taking advantage of a recent work done at OECD to which he has contributed as lead consultant.
09h30-10h00 -Chaos, a User’s Guide: Solutions for Developing Ourselves, our Communities and Organizations in a Chaotic World Bruno Marion In his brilliant and provocative book, covering everything from personal relationships to energy supply to the way we teach our kids, Bruno Marion looks beneath the surface of the seemingly nonsensical events of our lives and unveils hidden patterns based on Chaos Theory and fractal images. Through this innovative lens, he offers us a radical new strategy for our personal and professional lives, as well as for our institutions and organizations. Bruno Marion is not only asking the right questions, he gives us surprising answers and allows us to build our own future.
10h00-10h30 Survival Is Optional Transformation strategist Marcia Daszko provokes leaders to think about making better choices to improve, innovate and succeed. In an engaging, dynamic session she will interact with participants to challenge current beliefs, assumptions, and “best practices.”  Some leaders put in their best efforts and manage on auto-pilot.  What does it take to make better choices and personally transform and more fully contribute to their organization and society?  What kind of thinking will leaders adopt to thrive and leave a legacy? This experiential learning session will be fun and informative.
Adresse : Enterprise Development Group 930 Roble Ridge Road  Palo Alto,CA. 94306
10h30-11h00 IIIJ. David Nordfors For the benefit of improved economy and quality of life, IIIJ supports the transition of society into the innovation economy. Before the innovation economy, short term economic growth was driven by doing more of the same. The focus was on improving existing structures, optimizing the silos. But now, short term economic growth is increasingly driven by introducing new things that replace old things. The focus is on challenging the silos. We are still in a state of transition into the innovation economy. Our society is not adapted for it. In most organizations, especially the large traditional ones, potential is horizontal, while power is vertical. The silos that were competitive for doing more of the same are in the way when trying to do new things that replace old things. We believe in innovation by communication. We engage in initiatives creating structures for developing shared language across silos. The starting point for any innovation is the creation of shared language, enabling stakeholders and change agents to interact horizontally. IIIJ Address: c/o SRI International, 333 Ravenswood Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. Email d@iiij.org . Phone: +1 (650) 804-5184. http://iiij.org/about.
11h00-11h30 Think of the future through the science fiction Florence Leray Teacher in Philosophy and journalist for 20 years, she is also a TV Director. Creator and dispenser of the module "Think of the future through the science fiction" to the Catholic University of Lyon (France), she is convinced of the dimension heuristics of the science fiction.

12h00 14h00 Déjeuner au Four Season Hotel Address Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley 2050 University Avenue East Palo Alto California U.S.A. 94303 Introduction to GAFA Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gafa

14h00-16h00  Google 2350 Bayshore Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 : Fabian Gallusser Head of Analytics  Google X Over 10 years of statistical expertise working on sophisticated data-driven and large-scale projects. Extensive experience designing, developing and leading advanced quantitative analysis to produce insightful and actionable business recommendations. Google[x],[1] is a semi-secret facility run by Google dedicated to making major technological advancements. It is located about a half mile from Google's corporate headquarters, the Googleplex, in Mountain View, California.[2][3] Work at the lab is overseen by Sergey Brin, one of Google's co-founders, while scientist and entrepreneur Astro Teller (Captain of Moonshots) directs day-to-day activities.[4][5] Teller says that they aim to improve technologies by a factor of 10, and to develop "science fiction-sounding solutions."[6][7] The lab began in 2010 with the development of a self-driving car.[5] Comme convenu, voici un plan de Google sur lequel j'ai ajouté lieu de rendez vous (14h30, près du squelette de dinosaure, à côté du terrain de beach volley) ainsi que quelques options de parking. Se garer peut prendre du temps et le campus est assez grand, donc je recommande de planifier en fonction. Mon téléphone portable est le 650-269-3014 si vous rencontrez la moindre difficulté.
(Sur le retour visite rapide à Facebook 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025)
(pour info : Amazon Lab126 1120 Enterprise Way Sunnyvale, CA 94089, Apple 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014)

16h00-17h30 Visite de Palo Alto Down Town
Parking autour de Institute for the Future, 201 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, California 94301

17h45-20h15 THE FUTURE OF INTERNET Institute for the Future, 201 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, California 94301
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What should Version 2 of the Internet look like?  And how should we get there? We will explore the critical elements necessary to reinvent the Internet, gathering leading minds together with IFTF’s deep experience thinking about technology and the ways of communicating, coordinating, and organizing in the changing world around us. The Internet's core protocols—TCP, IP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS—have served us very well for the past twenty to thirty years. But all of these protocols have limitations that are beginning to bite us in various ways. Because of these limitation, our global network is less secure, less reliable, and harder to innovate with. In this talk, EFF Technology Projects Director Peter Eckersley will give a tour of those limitations, and review some of the current efforts to upgrade the Internet's protocols to fix them. This includes the newly announced Let's Encrypt certificate authority, which EFF is working on with Mozilla, Cisco, and Akamai, that aims to make HTTPS free and ubiquitous. It also includes an analysis of essential features of other efforts to upgrade TCP, IP, and DNS such as IPv6, DNSSEC, and QUIC, and the difficulties that Internet engineers face when they try to change the protocols used by a planet-wide network.
Peter Eckersley is Technology Projects Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He leads a team of technologists who watch for technologies that, by accident or design, pose a risk to computer users' freedoms—and then look for ways to fix them. They write code to make the Internet more secure, more open, and safer against surveillance and censorship. They explain gadgets to lawyers and policymakers, and law and policy to gadgets. Peter's work at EFF has included privacy and security projects such as Panopticlick, HTTPS Everywhere, SSDI, and the SSL Observatory; helping to launch a movement for open wireless networks; fighting to keep modern computing platforms open; and running the first controlled tests to confirm that Comcast was using forged reset packets to interfere with P2P protocols. Peter holds a PhD in computer science and law from the University of Melbourne; his research focused on the practicality and desirability of using alternative compensation systems to legalize P2P file sharing and similar distribution tools while still paying authors and artists for their work. He is an affiliate of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University.

20h30-22h00 Diner down town Palo Alto. Joya 339 University Avenue Palo Alto Tel +1 650 8539800
(Reserver grande table privative) Executive Chef Fabrice Roux, a native of Laon, France, began his culinary career in Paris at landmarks such as Three Star Michelin Hotel Crillon, Fauchon and Two Star Michelin Gourmad Prunier.  In the United States, Roux worked alongside Chef Denis Soriano at the Grand Cafe, San Francisco, and Chef Jean Joho at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Las Vegas.  Chef Roux now applies his classical technique and culinary creativity in the service of contemporary Spanish & Latin American cuisine. DESIGN, SHOPWORKS

The modern, comfortable design of JOYA was created by Shopworks.  The Shopworks design portfolio includes W Hotels in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego, as well as multiple projects for the Plumpjack Group and Randy Gerber. Débriefing de la journée, réponse aux questions et préparation opérationnelle du lendemain.  Brain storming autour de deux Start Up  : Nudge et YourAvatar pendant le diner.