2015 01 31 In this report CIFS presents eight important trends for tomorrow: Democratic Rebellion, Emotional Analytics, Buying with Bytes, The Peter Pan Syndrome, Resilient Cities, DIY Health, Transformations for Sale, and Decentralised Energy.

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Urban Drones, Trends for Tomorrow, and the Future of Security
// JANUARY 2015 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Watch This Airspace

In London’s Mansion House, during a question and answer session in March 2014, a less conservative audience member asked a question not based on markets or management models, but on the technological future of business – “How does the Lord Mayor see drone technology influencing the life and workings of the City of London”. A half-hidden chuckle reverberated around the room, and neither the Lord Mayor nor any of her gathered panel of business innovators seemed it fit to dignify the query with an answer. The topic was brushed aside for questions with more quantifiable and definte answers. // Read more

Trends for Tomorrow

In this report CIFS presents eight important trends for tomorrow: Democratic Rebellion, Emotional Analytics, Buying with Bytes, The Peter Pan Syndrome, Resilient Cities, DIY Health, Transformations for Sale, andDecentralised Energy. Trends are important since they bolster our understanding of the complexity that surrounds us and are helpful in guiding decision-making by identifying emerging opportunities and threats. // Read more

Democratic Rebellion

Since the financial crisis of 2008, and in some cases even before, we have seen a wide range of protests against authorities and the state of things in Western democracies. Taken together, they seem to constitute a general rebellion - though a rebellion within the framework of democracy rather than armed uprising - a democratic rebellion. // Read more

Future of Security

CIFS is involved in the European Union Commission-funded Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) 'ePOOLICE' project that focuses on 'Strategic Early Warning' to 'horizon-scanning' methodologies relating to serious transnational organised crime. It is relevant for European law enforcement agencies as end users, such as police and EUROPOL and other parties or stakeholders in the field of security.
What are the main challenges to security in the future?

Most immediately in 2015, geopolitical or geostrategic issues, such as Russia and Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) in the Middle East, represent the main challenges both now and in future security. Longer-term consequences will be experienced from these issues and how they are handled. ‘Glocalisation’ (where 'local' and 'global' levels and activities fuse, often messily) is the key watchword to keep aware of, underscoring that tackling serious transnational organised crime also remains high-up on law enforcement authorities' agendas.

What role will Big Data play in the future of policing?

As the ePoolice project reflects, Big Data, already does and will continue to play a huge role in the future of policing. How it is handled and processed by law enforcement authorities will remain significant and closely followed challenges into the future. 
// Read more

Speaker: Simona Arminaite

Simona is a research analyst at CIFS, helping companies from various industries to explore the future driven innovation strategies and business models using the scenario planning process and other methods in futures studies. She is also leading the CIFS Global Scanning Network, identifying future strategic issues which affect the companies before a broader public becomes aware of them.
Simona’s recent focus has been in new ways of working and the workplace of the future. Specifically, how companies can achieve the most by align their workplaces strategies with the organization’s brand, strategy, and culture. Simona writes, teaches and speaks on New Ways of Working: The Workplace of the FutureBecoming Ready for the Future with Megatrends, and Wildcards: The Unforeseen Factors that May Change Everything. // Read more

Presentation: Becoming Ready for the Future with Megatrends

Megatrends are changing the world, the market and your company. The question isn’t if it will happen – only when and how! This talk provides you with insight into the broad lines and powerful forces that shape our lives and offer both threats and incredible opportunities for those who understand to navigate the changes. // 40 Talks About the Future

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Members Report 1/2015: Future of Health

We take a look at the promise of 21st century health, as well as the challenges facing the healthcare system in the coming decades. Health will undergo a radical transformation with technologies that hope to revolutionise personal and public healthcare - mainly genetic technology and smart electronics, including robots.
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