Can the new Tesla really outrace a snowmobile?

Can the new Tesla really outrace a snowmobile?!A new version of the Tesla has arrived and it shall ensure that the success continues . Model S has in fact been outfitted with all-wheel drive, and tested in the mountains.
So, what would be more natural than doing a drag race against a snowmobile on a frozen lake (see video above) ?
Raw power
There is a strong couple of vehicles at the starting line. Even the most powerful adjectives become weak when describing the forces of a Tesla Model S P85D. This is the strongest, fastest and most expensive version yet, including all-wheel driveThe two electric motors, the strongest runs the rear wheels and a smaller motor runs the front wheels, has a total of 700 hp.0-100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds . That is a number only the baddest sport cars can beat!
The distribution of forces in all-wheel drive is "floating". Tesla says the system responds at lightning speed to differences in grip and constantly distribute force where most advantagous. Read more and see the video here: http://snip.ly/Ov96