What is ASCIM?

The Asian Symposium on Creativity and Innovation Management (ASCIM) is 6 days of creative immersion that will enable you to unleash your creative potential and it value to your organization

The ASCIM is a unique international week long training program enabling participants to learn from success stories and best practices from some of the most innovative companies in the world that can be re-applied to their work environment to think outside the box to leap over their challenges.
In a friendly, creative and social environment, local, regional and International speakers will share their vision, experience and secrets of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation with the participants. No need to travel abroad to listen to world renown speakers, they will come to you in Bangkok!

A global creativity movement is emerging …

The ASCIM has been inspired by the Montreal-Barcelona Summer School on management of creativity in an innovation society organized by Mosaic – HEC Montréal since 2009. Similar creativity events have been successfully organized in collaboration with Mosaic – HEC Montréal and its partners in Strasbourg (France), Sophia-Antipolis (France), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Liege (Belgium), Helsinki (Finland), Lille (France) and Grenoble (France), but ASCIM is the first event of this type in Asia!
No one before in Asia-Pacific has developed such a unique International event centered on creativity and innovation, this is how “ASCIM” was born. Its Asian taste and twist will differentiate it from the other international creativity symposiums, with for instance an emphasis on the 6th sense (the mind), only moderately developed in Western countries. At the individual, team, and organizational levels, creativity has shown to be an enabler and contributor to performance, growth, innovation and competitiveness. A Creative Manager is a person who is never satisfied with the current situation, and who is seeking permanent opportunities for change and improve business and organizational conditions.
From this event, participants will learn how International leading companies creatively address their challenges and learn new approaches and tools to boost their creative and innovation management skills and problem solving approaches.
By attending the ASCIM, you will help your organization to develop and strengthen its capabilities to learn and innovate to sustain a long-term growth. This year’s symposium theme will focus on how to transition from imitation to innovation in products, services, processes, new business models and social innovation. Learning from the best in the field (i.e. Nasa, Cirque Du Soleil, Google, IKEA and many more!) as well as a good opportunity to develop your local and international network. 
Participating in the ASCIM 2016 will change you and your organization.
So don’t wait and be part of the second edition of ASCIM!

“From imitation to innovation” is the theme of the 2016’s edition

“Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a Follower”
Steve Jobs

Southeast Asia organizations have the capability to become innovative leaders in their field, without the need to rely on novelties from Western countries.

By attending this symposium participants will be able to better understand how to leverage the innovation capability of their organization based on the 4 main innovation pillars: Strategy, People, Process and Technology.

Join is to become a Innovative Leader in your field!

Key benefits and takeaways

• Increase your organisation’s capacity for creativity and innovation (product, services, processes)
• Learn new creative and innovative practices and techniques from a diversity of fields and countries
• Enable yourself to think outside the box to leap over your daily challenges (unleash your own creative potential)
• Learn from the best innovative people and organizations in the world (academics and practitioners)
• Develop new ideas and new business models
• Establish an international network of managers of creativity and innovation (speakers and participants)
• Obtain a Certificate from IKI‐SEA Bangkok University and Mosaic HEC Montreal
• Be the among the pioneers who participated in the 2nd edition of this Asian Creative Movement