The Future of Europe, ISS 2020 Vision, and The Genetic Revolution of the Future

The Future of Europe, ISS 2020 Vision, and The Genetic Revolution of the Future
// JANUARY 2016 

Disruption as an Innovation Paradigm

When the film industry first produced motion pictures with sound in the mid- to late 1920s it created an outcry among the proponents of silent film. Cultural critics said these talkies were the “death of the international language,” the death of silent film. And musicians that traditionally accompanied silent films with their music were afraid to be put out of business. Talkies were regarded as culturally and economically harmful.

Almost a hundred years later it is no longer one force at a time that changes industries. Our world today is transforming at a more accelerating pace. Nearly every organisation can tell its own story about how it had to change as a result of disruptive forces. But unlike in the past, disruption is not perceived as a threat to established structures anymore. Instead, businesses and public sector organisations seek creative ways to utilise it—to boost organisational agility and remain competitive in an increasingly complex business environment characterised by blindspots and industry convergence. // Read more

The Future of Europe

For many centuries, Europe was the dominant continent in the world, economically, culturally and politically. However, Europe currently faces a number of challenges with long shadows. These include the repercussions of the financial crisis, but also great demographic changes, and a growing number of refugees and migrants. This members’ report examines 5 central and comprehensive themes that will characterise Europe towards 2030 and present a vision of what Europe could look like in the future. // Read more

The Genetic Revolution of the Future

When the Human Genome Project announced in 2000 that the human genome had been successfully charted, it raised enormous expectations for a revolution in health. There was faith in a clear connection between specific genes and specific disorders, and it was thought that in the future, it would be possible to take much more precise action and correct the individual errors. However, it turned out that human biology wasn’t that simple. // Read more

Genomics of the Future – The 360° Perspective

Genomics of the Future – The 360° Perspective, is an upcoming conference arranged by CIFS. The focus of the event is to evaluate the possibilities surrounding applied genetics in healthcare by gathering together a diverse set of stakeholders and enablers and assess the technologies, commercial opportunities, legal aspects, ethical challenges, and the individual influence within a futures framework. // Read more / Register

The Future of Outsourcing

In close collaboration with CIFS, ISS has released their newest white book as part of the ISS 2020 Vision series. ISS 2020 Vision: The Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management is the fourth book in the series and provides tangible solutions to the changing outsourcing environment in the future. The white book presents the results based on a global survey conducted in collaboration with CoreNet Global combined with a number of in-depth interviews with international outsourcing experts.
What are the key insights from the new white book?

“Our research shows that the nature of outsourcing is undergoing a profound change. From strong focus on cost reduction towards supporting strategic objectives and pursuing advantages in terms of innovation, growth, brand protection, risk mitigation, access to talent and increased change.” Peter Ankerstjerne,  Head of Group Marketing, ISS A/S.

How is outsourcing changing?

“The FM outsourcing relationships will change from traditional client-provider transactions primarily focused on cost-reductions to value based strategic partnerships especially focused on increasing workplace efficiency. Outsourcing providers increasingly need to differentiate themselves around technological sophistication, sustainability and innovation processes which directly influences the customers’ ability to attract talent or getting their products and services faster to market.” Peter Ankerstjerne, 
 Head of Group Marketing, ISS A/S.

What conclusions can be drawn?

The white book concludes that new collaboration models are emerging, which will open up new opportunities for outsourcing suppliers and customers alike. New outsourcing tendencies point towards a shift of strategy: Outsourcing is no longer merely a cost exercise, but a strategic element creating increased innovation power based on transparency and trust. // Read more

Speaker: Lasse Jonasson

Lasse has solid experience from the financial industry and FinTech area, working with risk management within technology applications and strategic decision-making for companies such as ATP, Credit Agricole. Recently, he has taken the leap from a position as Vice President Risk Management for NETS to Senior Advisor and Futurist at CIFS. He is one of our newest speakers and this is his take on the future:
“Thinking about the future, we often have a tendency to overestimate the threats and spend too little time on opportunities for shaping the future ourselves. I believe, this is true for many companies as well and that’s a shame. This is where futures studies comes in handy as a unique tool for risk management and organisational development”
Lasse brings with him extensive knowledge about economic growth and technological developments and special interests in acceleration, organisational resilience, the future of business, behavioral economics and disruption. // Read more

Presentation: Doing Nothing is Not an Option

Paralysis of action is a common reaction in an age of turbulence and economic uncertainty. However, uncertain times also offer great opportunities for development and growth. This pep talk is a tribute to progress, development and initiative with a basis in the futurist’s eye for the opportunities the future holds – in the short, medium and long terms.
// 40 Talks About the Future

Upcoming Events

Genomics of the Future – The 360° Perspective (in English)
  • Copenhagen - 18 March 2016 // Read more

Members Report 1/2016: Don't Panic! Resilience in the 21st Century

Driven by megatrends, the challenges facing our society, organisations, and people are increasing. Resilience is an important tool and mindset for communities, organisations and individuals, as it helps us learn to live with and drive change. The Institute’s latest Members’ Report, Don’t Panic! Resilience in the 21st Century argues that by adopting a resilient mindset and applying practical tools and methodologies, communities, organisations and individuals can mitigate risks, innovate, and seize opportunities as they emerge.

CIFS Executive Members' Meeting (in English/Danish)

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