2014 09 16 Natacha Roussel: Quantified Me

DC #3: Natacha Roussel: Quantified Me

When: 16th of September 2014, 7-8.20pm
Where: Parsons Paris, 45 rue Saint-roch, 75001, room 301
Free: RSVP @Alison
Natacha Roussel. As current developments in physical computing contributes to augment social anxiety by measuring every aspects of daily life, it feels needed to understand to which degree all those props are seriously intrusive not only putting at risk individual personal space and information, but also in depth physical intimacy, as they do not clearly state the limit between what is individual and what is collective.
Starting from an overview of examples taken in the reductive builder only approach specifically focusing on trying to understand their inherent tendency to generate technological fascination. We will focus on defining new relations to understand the Technological Society, as a powerful structure of physical alienation. Because those physical computing and quantified self endeavours, do not acknowledge effective communication from interiority to exteriority they alien us basic empowerment on our body feelings and offer an intrusive machine control over our most intimate knowledge. This presentation aims to open doors for constant adaptation critical thinking it will look for creative ubiquitous networking projects that put an emphasis on relation between self aware individuals in collectivity.

Program director of the MFA Design + Technology and the BFA Art, Media and Technology at Parsons Paris.