2015 01 22 Global Privat - Morning Tea with a Twist

Global Privat - Morning Tea with a Twist

January 22, 8:30am-10:30am
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLC
2550 Hanover Street, Palo Alto
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Come together with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and founders to have a series of morning conversations held once a month to make the cross-industry connections required to identify your company's next level.

Join us and:
  • Enlist new allies and build networks across industries
  • Discuss new ideas in a confidential environment
  • Get support in forming advisory Board and Board of Directors
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs with proven success
  • And much more!

The Team

Inessa Obenhuber: 

"I am an Angel investor and a business advisor who has years of experience working with companies involved in high technology and healthcare. I bring with me a wealth of experience having started multiple business, spent years as an angel investor, and served on numerous boards of directors. I've been a lot of things in life: an immigrant, a business founder, a single mother, an investor, and at times the "only woman in the room." Today, I help entrepreneurs get in touch with investors as well as coach to become investors themselves. My goal is to help guide women and minorities break into business roles where they are sadly underrepresented. I teach the fundamentals of investing and show people how they can become a successful venture investor."
  • Inessa Obenhuber

    Inessa is a partner at the Seraph Group, a growing global investment Micro VC Fund (Super Angel fund). Her role as a partner and an active Investor, she assists Seraph in identifying start-up 

  • Chris is a designer, and product and business innovator. He has worked across brands, innovation consulting, and venture communities over 

  • Jennifer Cooper

    Jennifer Cooper brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, business development and strategy management in technology, publishing and digital media industries.

  • Donna Hamlin

    Donna Hamlin, Ph.D, is CEO of Intrabond Capital U.S.,inc., a company providing global governance services, including annual board evaluations, education, research and assesment

    Donna Hamlin, Ph.D, is CEO of Intrabond Capital U.S.,inc., a company providing global governance services, including annual board evaluations, education, research and assesment of board directors. She is also Board Chair of Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., a management consulting firm she founded and managed as CEO since 1982. Donna helps board directors and executives discover ways to ensure high performance and sustainable success for themselves and their organizations. At the board and executive level, she supports development of responsible, strategic and ethical leaders and high performing boards. She is certified by Harvard University and the National Association of Corporate Directors in the U.S. At the corporate level, she has worked with companies in more than 42 countries. A published author, she writes management articles in the area of human performance and change management. Her personal achievements include creating and growing two successful start‑up businesses, in-depth marketing experience with high technology companies, large scale design and launch of new product introductions, business development of new products and services and brand differentiation and positioning for products and companies in more than twenty countries. The breadth of marketing competencies include: marketing strategy, brand positioning, marketing communication, market research and lead generation. Core competencies include: strategic thinking, listening, imagination and statesperson skills among highly diverse cultures. Donna currently serves on the private company boards of CoreBrand, LLC., Intrabond Capital U.S. Inc., Paramit Corporation, and Hamlin Harkins Ltd., and on the board of the non-profit San Jose Stage Company. She has also served on the board of Interhealth USA, and the compensation committees for publicly listed companies, Trident Microsystems and Asyst Technologies. Formerly, as founder of Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., Donna developed a successful track record in strategy, change management and human performance management, serving clients from Fortune 500 global enterprises to start-up companies in more than 30 countries. She previously served as global vice-president of human resources and administration for Trident Microsystems, Inc.; as senior vice president of strategic change, executive planning and leadership development for CitiGroup's Associates First Capital Corporation; and as vice president for human and organizational performance for Texaco, Inc.