The Positive Economy Forum is the international network of those who put the interest of generations to come at the heart of their thinking and acting.

Whereas the reign of emergency dominates the economy and the society in general, the Positive Economy Forum was born out of the conviction that it is critical to restore the long-term priority in our decisions and actions. Why? Because it is the only way to address the economic, environmental, technological, social and political challenges that are in store for the 2030 world.
The Positive Economy Forum is a bridge, an interlinking tool at different scales: from the CEO of a big company to a social entrepreneur, from an economist to an artist.
The common point between all these actors: the will to implement new models, in the economic field but also in other sectors of the society, that care about their long term impact and take into account the interest of generations to come.
The Positive Economy Forum’s conviction is that the viable and positive answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow will come out from the exchange and the dialogue between actors coming from different backgrounds but pursuing the same goal.
The heart of its action and reflection is the economic, financial and entrepreneurial practices that take in account the interest of generations to come. To this extent, these practices have an impact that goes beyond the economy. They are an answer to global issues.
To set up a positive society that redirects the economy toward the consideration of generations to come, our network gathers, raises awareness and thinks today’s world and tomorrow’s solutions.
  • By gathering, several times a year in the LHFORUM context, company directors, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, thinkers, artists, idea-carrying citizens or innovating projects-developers.
  • By facilitating the emulation between experts during brainstorming sessions on global issues.
  • By producing analysis and creating measurement tools for a better assessment and understanding of the world.
  • By publicising and explaining the positive economy through artistic exhibitions and educational initiatives.


The first edition of the Positive Economy Forum in Italy, held in the remarkable community of San Patrignano on June 12 & 13 2014, was a great success: almost 1,000 participants had the opportunity to discover 50 Italian and international speakers who shared their vision of the positive economy !
Building on this success, the second edition of the P+EF San Patrignano will be held on April, 9 & 10, 2015.


  • 50 outstanding international and Italian speakers (business leaders, NGOs, politicians, social entrepreneurs, academics) will share their experience related to positive finance, positive governance…
  • Main topics
    • April 9thFollow up on the positive economy forum San Patrignano 1st edition, positive metrics, positive business models, positive work, positive corporate governance, positive citizen, restitution of the workshops’ conclusions etc.
    • April 10th: Positive women, positive planet, positive values, positive growth in the EU, positive peacekeeping, Banca Prossima awards ceremony etc.
  • 2 exceptional evenings will also be held: the opening dinner, but also a night dedicated to “Social entrepreneurs, the new change makers”, including a film screening dedicated to Bineta Diop, founder, Femmes Africa Solidarité
  • For the first time, professional workshops will be held in San Patrignano centre. They will bring together in closed doors about 10 experts and key players from various backgrounds in order to engage in a thinking process about cross cutting and prospective issues of utmost importance. The conclusions will be presented during the main conferences.
Check out the making of last year’s event!


  • The report “A Path to a Positive Economy” was submitted to François Hollande in 2013.
The report has been translated in Italian and adapted to the Italian context, taking into account the country’s specific challenges and issues.
  • 10 proposals to promote the positive economy in Italy were presented to the Italian PM after the first edition of the Forum in San Patrignano
  • A networking club was launched in Milan in November 2014: VIP meetings on positive economy are held every month in Milan.


For over 30 years, San Patrignano has welcomed young men and women with serious problems linked to drug addiction. The recovery process is based on a residential long term and drug-free stay.
The community is currently home to about 1,400 young men and women. Since 1978, San Patrignano has welcomed over 25,000 people, offering them a home, legal and medical assistance and the opportunity to study and learn some skills for a job. Thus, San Patrignano offers them a unique opportunity to change their life and become respected members of the society.
The funds required to manage facilities and cover the costs of the residents come in part from the activities and goods and services produced, and for the remaining part from private donations and contributions.
“San Patrignano is a perfect example of social enterprise – says Antonio Tinelli, Coordinator of the Social Committee of the Community – considering that we welcome young men and women with serious problems linked to drug addiction completely free of charge, without requesting any kind of contribution from their families and without state funding. For this reason, we fully share the lines of the Movement for the Positive Economy“.

Michel Saloff Coste pics

Michel Saloff Coste

Executive Director Future Innovation Institute Lille Catholic University / International Development Associate Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies / Director R&D In Principo
BACKGROUND Academic and professional background.
Michel Saloff-Coste is an international integral and global futurist, researcher, business advisor and entrepreneur working with individuals, corporations and governments to foster “fast insights into alternative futures”. He is a respected analyst and keynote speaker and has addressed many of the most important companies in the world raising global future issues and creating awareness.
ACHIEVEMENTWhat is the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum all about ?
  • Learning in the 21st century: a new vision
LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities ?
Operating professionally in Europe, United States and Asia, Michel Saloff Coste has a broad experience in transition management, organizational culture, consumer behavior, business development and applied futures studies.
IMPACT/ What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of the activity, project, initiative, startup, company ?
The main focus of Michel Saloff-Coste’s research and the subject matter of many of his books is on the paradigm shift within the information society that he himself defines as a ‘Creation-Communication Society’.
These days Michel’s passions include the research of:
  • The major tendencies that transform development of our civilization at a planetary level
  • The changes needed in countries and companies in terms of culture, management, system and structure.
  • How economic, social and ecological development can be matched to make sense for the future of mankind.
His personal aspiration is to help catalyze the emerging new civilization, co-create a world sustainable business model and bring beauty, verity and ethics for a better world. Author of numerous bestseller books, Michel Saloff Coste is regularly interviewed in press, radio and television.
QUOTEA saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you.
“When action tends to lose its frame of reference and become insignificant, social-historical reflection can put the change that is taking place in a different light.”

Enzo Grossi


Enzo Grossi speaks at the Positive Economy Forum 2014 in San Patrignano.