Workplace Analytics, The Future Consumer and Marketplace, and Counterculture

Workplace Analytics, The Future Consumer and Marketplace, and Counterculture
// JUNE 2015 

Immersive Workplace Analytics 

Movements such as “Quantified Self” have given rise to the notion of self-experimentation to produce optimal results in cognitive functioning, physical health, and quality of life. Ultimately, this perpetual feedback will focus less on historical data and be replaced primarily by predictive analytics. Individuals will receive constant updates on how actions and behaviors are likely to impact them, those around them, and their organization, in the future. This predictive feedback will profoundly shape the decisions that people make. 
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The Internet of the Future

The Internet has, over the last decade, become a fully integrated part of our everyday lives - socially, commercially and privately - a development that will continue. However, several weak signals started to raise questions about its future. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently went so far as to say that the Internet will disappear. Others claim that it can be divided into separate national units. In connection with Ericsson Consumer Labs, the coming members' report will focus on the internet of the future. // Read more

A Razor Blade, Miodownik, and the Power of Materials

What is the most important single factor in the development of civilisation? is it economics? is it politics? Science? Or is the answer to be found in a complex interaction between global megatrends such as globalisation, urbanisation and technological development? To the British materials scientist Mark Miodownik, the answer lies within another, often disregarded field: our materials. // Read more

The Future Consumer and Marketplace - Summer University

What are the biggest challenges in future of retail?

There are two big challenges right now. First, is the transition from strategies that were adopted during the worst financial crisis since the 1930s to strategies that are more adept to a healthy economy. The second, is being prepared to deal with disruptions – someone with a computer somewhere in the world is probably sitting and planing how to turn your business upsidedown.
What does the marketplace of the future look like?

There are many changes, but one of the biggest is that it becomes even more polarized and personalized than today. It must be assumed that the serial size of a product in the future is one, yet, there will be categories that you will not be interested in.

How can businesses benefit by understanding and working with megatrends?

If you work well with the future, including megatrends, you get a key competitive advantage. There is much about the future we do not know, but there is also much that we do know. Basically it's just important to know a little bit more than the competitor to obtain that competitive advantage. // Read more

Speaker: Klaus Mogensen

Klaus Æ. Mogensen is a senior futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. He is the Institute’s main science and technology expert, and he is the Science & Technology Editor and main science writer at SCENARIO Magazine. Other fields are megatrends, media, internet economy, sharing economy, counter-cultures, and the creative consumer. Klaus is a popular speaker and is often invited to speak at conferences all over the world.
The main focus of Klaus’ work is how new technology and other changes affect the way we work, live, consume, learn, entertain ourselves and do business in the future, with a main interest in disruptive changes that radically alter our way of doing things. He has co-authored the books Creative Man and Counter-Culture: From Underground to Bottom Line and is a regular contributor to CIFS’s members’ reports. // Read more

Presentation: Counterculture - From Underground to Bottom Line

The trends of the times increasingly originate outside of the mainstream, in subcultures and countercultures. Through the internet, they have become better organised and more powerful than before and can create significant value by themselves through tools like crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and crowd creation. This talk provides insight into the power of counterculture and focuses on how they can contribute to development and profit in your company. // 40 Talks About the Future

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