It's my pleasure to send you this invitation.
the following three topics will be in the seminar provided by Prof. Michel Saloff Coste during his scholar study tour in NCCU.

1)The major trends that transform development of our civilization at a planetary level
2) The changes needed in countries and companies in terms of culture, management, system and structure.
3) How economic, social and ecological development can be matched to make sense for the future of mankind

Your participation will provide insightful points about Asian industry/ financial environment.

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Time 時間:
8th Jan, 2016
2:00 PM

Speakers 主講者:
Prof. Michel Saloff Coste 
米歇爾.沙洛夫.考斯特 教授

Lille Catholic University


Prof. Huang Sheng-Yuan
黄聲遠 教授.  
Fieldoffice Architects 

Venue 地點:
1F,International Conference Room 國際會議廳
Research and Innovation-Incubation Center (RIIC)

Managerial Intelligentsia Association中華民國崇智協會
Graduate Institute of Technology Innovation & Intellectual Property Management政治大學科技管理暨智慧財產權研究所


EuroPacific Management 

"Millions of people and organizations are
mobilized, with each working within its own
sphere of expertise. Each also develops its own
projects without realizing how others are
actively working toward the same goals or
toward goals vital to assuring the sustainable
success of their own objectives. 
Coordinating such activity, whether locally or across the
planet, could have a multiplier effect generating
far better yields and maximizing economic
optimization. Faced with inevitable globalization,
it is necessary for everyone on this planet
to be able to live with dignity and for their contributions
and opinions to be heard and considered
with respect.
It is more urgent than ever that we organize and join together."

To help university, public institution and company to have a better understanding of future trends, innovation, business design and entrepreneurship Michel Saloff Coste is organizing "Futurissima, a world innovation tour".
The focus is on futures studies and keys ideas, people and place who foster and shape innovation around the world. "Futurissima World Innovation Tour" is a new type of gathering between thought leadership from business, policy, education and media, mixing expertise in innovation and learning.  In the innovation economy growth is about doing new things instead of just doing more ofthe same. Power is vertical but potential is horizontal. The innovation economy is less about vertical meetings between people doing similar things and more about horizontal meetings between people doing different things discussing what new things can be done next.  Futirissima offers leaders the venue and network to do that, bridging silos and exploring new encounters. We minimize the amount of panels. Everybody is a speaker. We are maximum fifty people, sometimes the max limit is set lower. 
We mix group discussions with plenary discussions where everyone takes part. There are many breaks. Our participants nearly always want to stay to the end. The meeting is all about spontaneous engagement and getting new contacts and ideas. Our meetings are invitation-only. We follow the Chatham House Rule, ideas can be shared, but without attributions. Participants can speak freely. 
The Futurissima network is a partnership. The Executive Partners seed the discussions with Challenges. They co-organize and host the special gathering and learning expedition around the world. We also have Strategic Partners, non-profit organizations that take part in developing the network, and regular Partners, members of the network.

Key conscept and questions.
Processes of creativity (ideation) and innovation (transfer to private enterprises and private and public institutions). 
How to learn more about innovative management and how these new methods can improve our projects in the future?  
How to make the best use of these processes? 
How to link them to the activities of research laboratories?    
Coworking methodologies and tools (creative processes and techniques) in order to stimulate cooperation between research laboratories and enterprises. 
How to create new kinds of collaboration between researchers (including PhD students) from unrelated scientific fields? How to stimulate PhD students and young researchers interest in innovation? 
How to promote trans-disciplinary approaches to research, especially by encouraging cooperation between social sciences (humanities) and sciences and technologies?
How to promote holistic approaches to solving problems in enterprises and institutions?  
Links between pedagogical innovation (especially in engineering schools, business schools and faculties) and needs of enterprises (including SME) in terms of management innovation. How to study (understand) them? 
Using this international prospective mission to stimulate reflections on interactive and innovative pedagogy.  
Intercultural approach in the field of innovation, especially by making comparison between three main continents North America (USA and Canada), Europe (EU, North of Europe, Central Europe) and Asia (China, Japan, India). 
Later, it could be interesting to make some complementary observations in South America (Brazil), Oceania (Australia)and Africa.
MOOCs for researchers interested by new collaborative ways with the private sector. 
Organization of Creative Workshops in Innovative Researches (CWIR) with international companies and local SME in which PhD students and researchers could participate.

Michel Saloff-Coste is an international integral and global futurist, researcher, business advisor and entrepreneur working with individuals, corporations and governments to foster “fast insights into alternative futures”. He is a respected analyst and keynote speaker and has addressed many of the most important companies in the world raising global future issues and creating awareness. As well as being a skilled facilitator, he delivers engaging, transformational and inspirational speeches and workshops.
Operating professionally in Europe, United States and Asia, Michel has a broad experience in transition management, organizational culture, consumer behavior, business development and applied futures studies. He handles a broad range of topics within the realm of futures studies and innovation, as well as future paradigms in a range of specific sectors and industries. Michel explores the impact of new technology for society, culture and modern living.  He likes to imagine the future with innovative and creative figures in a wide range of fields and industries and he knows how to translate those strategic insights into leading, sustainable organizations and ecosystems. 
It was indeed Michel’s role as a consultant in management strategy and communication, which inspired him to carry out more fundamental research on alternative futures. He even went as far as directing a multidisciplinary workshop on societal change, from 1985 to 1987, at the Ministry of Research in France. Michel used his research in the writing of popular books and numerous papers on leadership, 21st century and the information society. Among his great achievements is the founding of the Club of Budapest in France, which is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging people to discuss complex global issues. In 1991 he joined the Bossard Consulting Group Capgemini as senior consultant and research director. Michel then went on to create his own research and consultancy firm, MSC, between 1993 and 2005, dealing with future studies, management, strategy, communication and global governance. At the same time he taught vanguard management in HEC Paris since 1990. In 2011 he became head for R&D and International development of In Principo, an avant-garde Consulting firm, specialised in innovation and co-creation. In 2012 he was the founder of DESIGN ME A PLANET an NGO dedicated to researching solutions for global issues on planetary level and in the long term. In 2013 he became International Development Associate at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.
He never stopped dedicating some of his free time to his talent as a contemporary artist. Michel has explored a wide variety of mediums: painting, photography, video and music. His work has been exhibited and collected by many private galleries and individuals, but also leading art institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Centre George Pompidou.
The main focus of Michel Saloff-Coste’s research and the subject matter of many of his books are on the paradigm shift within the information society that he himself defines as a 'Creation-Communication Society'. He defines the evolution of civilization in four waves: namely 'hunting & gathering', 'agriculture & breeding,' 'industry & commerce,' and 'creation & communication'. Saloff-Coste further developed his framework with Carine Dartiguepeyrou and together they outlined ten long-term visions of the future called 'horizons'. Their collaborative work was published in a co-authored book, “Les Horizons du Futur”.
These days Michel’s passions include the research of: 

  • The major tendencies that transform development of our civilization at planetary level
  • The changes needed in countries and companies in terms of culture, management, system and structure.
  • How economic, social and ecological development can be matched to make sense for the future of mankind.
His personal aspiration is to help catalyse the emerging new civilization, co-create a world sustainable business model and bring beauty, verity and ethics for a better world. As an integral activist he studies and promotes the political development of eco-villages and eco-towns based on collective systemic ecological intelligence and creation.

Michel Saloff Coste worked with remarkable People as Ervin Laszlo, Gilles Deleuze, Andy Warhol, Thierry Gaudin, Phillipe Starck, Karl Lagarfeld, Jacques Delord ….. as well as some of the most daring leading breakthrough organizations such as 3Suisses Apple Bel Bonduelle CDC Décathelon Edf ESSEC France Télécom HEC Peugeot PPR Rand Reebok Kompass L'oréal Science Po Sodexho Ministère de la Recherche  Commission Européen.

Author of numerous bestseller books, Michel Saloff Coste is regularly interviewed in press, radio and television. 
Principal publicationVêpres Laquées Baudouin 1979, Paris la nuit Balland 1982, Le management systémique de la complexité Aditech Ministère de la Recherche 1990, Le management du troisième millénaire Guy Trédaniel 1991 1999 et 2005, The Information Révolution and the Arab World Edition ECSSR 1999, Manifeste pour la technologie au service de l'homme Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble 2000, Les Horizons du Futur Guy Trédaniel 2001, Year in perspective World Business Academy 2002, Trouver son génie Guy Trédaniel 2005, La société de l'information enjeu stratégique Revue Agir 2005, Le dirigeant du troisième millénaire Editions d'Organisation 2006, Mimétisme et singularité deux leviers de croissance La Revue de Kea 2006, La stratégie créative de singularisation La Revue de Kea 2007, Le DRH du troisième millénaire Village Mondial Pearson 2007 2008, Réenchanter le futur Village Mondial Pearson 2009, Prospective d'un monde en mutation Edition de l'Harmattan 2010, Au-delà de la crise financière Edition de l'Harmattan 2011, Les voies de la résilience Edition de l'Harmattan 2012, La nouvelle avant garde Edition de l'Harmattan 2013,  Post-histoire Amazon 2014, Planetary futures Amazon 2014, Design me a planet Amazon 2014, Quelle énergie à long terme pour le futur de la planète terre ? IFP Amazon 2014.  

Working languages: French and English.