2016 01 12_17 MEETING Alfredo Toro Hardy AND EXPLORING SINGAPORE

Alfredo Toro Hardy (born in Caracas on May 22, 1950) is a Venezuelan diplomat, scholar and public intellectual and the current Ambassador of his country to Singapore. He has occupied some of Venezuela's top ambassadorial posts including Washington, London, Madrid and Brasilia, taught at several universities both in Venezuela and abroad, directed academic institutions in the field of foreign policy and written extensively on international affairs. According to renown author and scholar Kishore Mahbubani: "About 12% of the world's population lives in the West and 88% live outside. Yet, the strong, diverse voices of the 88% are rarely heard. Alfredo Toro Hardy provides one such voice that needs to be heard". British historian and author Robert Harvey on his side has written: "One does not have to coincide with all of Toro Hardy's views in order to recognize that he is one of the most articulated and experienced voices not only from Latin America but from the developing world".[1][2][3]

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Dear Michel,

As mentioned in my previous e-mail I sent a preliminary proposal to Janet Cesar so as to ascertain if it was in line with the Learning Expeditions aims. She though it was in the right direction and hence advised that I send it to you directly. 

Round tables could be organize with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP), the Agency for Sciences, Technology and Research (ASTR) and the East Asian Institute (EAI), the tree of  them part of the National University of Singapore (NUS). The latter tops the ranking of Asia's universities while the former are leading institutions in their respective fields (public policies, R&D and China). With the LKYSPP and ASTR emphasis would be given to the specificities of the Singaporean model both in terms of public policy and R&D. With EAI attention would be placed in China (it is my impression that if you are coming all the way to East Asia, perhaps including a China topic on the agenda may be welcomed). 

 In addition to the aforementioned we could include a round table meeting with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation, so as to have the business perspective of the Singaporean model. Finally we could include meetings with the Chairman and specialized staff of the National Arts Council and with the organizers of Singapore Arts Stage (Asia's leading art fair).

With the exception of ASTR, I am in close contact with the rest of the aforementioned institutions and I could talk to them (as well as with the ASTR people), so as to explore the possibilities of organizing a program for you. I am sure, though, that they will be enthusiastic with the idea of your coming to Singapore.  

It would be useful to provide them with as much information as possible both about yourselves and the prospective dates of the trip.

 I would welcome your feedback as well as all relevant information.

Warm regards,



Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1997
+65 68085122
  • Full-time Faculty
Research Areas and Areas of Expertise:


1997Ph.D. in Management, Virginia Commonwealth University
1994Master of Management Studies
Master of Science (Honours) in Biological Sciences,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India

Current Appointments

2015 - NowDean, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
2013 - NowEditor, Academy of Management Journal
2007 - 2014Deputy Dean and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London
2005 - 2007Associate Professor, London Business School

Research Interests

  • Resources, Capabilities and Entrepreneurship-- Resources, knowledge, internationalization
  • Inclusive Innovation -- Organizational design; Business models for inclusive growth
  • Knowledge Production and Innovation -- Science commercialization; networks and innovation

Recent Publications

  • Schillebeeckx, S., Chaturvedi, S., King, Z., George, G. 2016. What do I want? The effects of individual aspiration and relational capability on collaboration preferences. Strategic Management Journal, in press. DOI: 10.1002/smj.2396
  • Alnuaimi, T., George, G. 2016. Appropriability and the retrieval of knowledge after spillovers, Strategic Management Journal, in press. 
  • George, G., Kotha, R., Parikh, P., Alnuaimi, T., Bahaj, A. 2016. Social structure, reasonable gain, and entrepreneurship in Africa, Strategic Management Journal, in press.
  • Barkema, H., Chen, X.P., George, G., Luo, Y., Tsui, A. 2015. West meets east: new concepts and theories. Academy of Management Journal, 58(2): 460-479.
  • Haas, M.R., Criscuolo, P., & George, G. 2015. Which problems to solve? Online knowledge sharing and attention allocation in organizations, Academy of Management Journal, 58(3):
  • Parikh, P. Fu, K., Parikh, H. McRobie, A., George, G. 2015. Infrastructure provision, gender and poverty in Indian slums, World Development, 66: 468-486.
  • Roehrich, J., Lewis, M., George, G. 2014. Are Public-Private Partnerships a healthy option? A systematic review.  Social Science & Medicine, 113: 110-119.
  • Kotha, R., George, G., Srikanth, K. 2013. Bridging the mutual knowledge gap: Coordination costs and the commercialization of science, Academy of Management Journal, 56(2): 498-524. 
  • Alexy, O., George, G., Salter, A. 2013. Cui bono? Selective revealing of knowledge and its implications for innovative activity, Academy of Management Review, 38(2): 270-291. 
  • George, G., McGahan, AM., Prabhu, JC. 2012. Innovation for inclusive growth: Towards a theoretical framework and research agenda.  Journal of Management Studies, 49(4): 661 – 683.
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