Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Journalism? | The Creators Project

Virtual reality can definitely cause what’s known as sim sickness, a feeling like motion sickness. So when you design a piece that makes your audience feel as if they are actually present on scene, you have to respect that you have brought their entire body along for the ride. This type of spatial narrative requires very specific considerations for design and key is to imagine truly standing in the middle of the story.

The other crucial element that always needs to be considered is the speed of the refresh rate on the goggles. It has been so great working with some of the top technologies committed to making imagery on the screen track any viewer movement without the lag that can cause sim sickness. I have had incredible support from the motion tracking camera company Phasespace and the whole team at USC’s ICT MxR Lab headed by VR veteran Mark Bolas. Working with Palmer Luckey and Oculus Rift has also been a game changer–we are now able to offer large audiences access to these pieces.