2018 08 01 “Artificial Intelligence – Linking the Future” in Shanghai, China in August 2018


In order to continue to build a platform for transnational technological innovation and to promote resource sharing in the technology sector, China American Innovation Network (CHAIN hereafter), Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Assets Management Co., Ltd (Lingang Group hereafter) and Innovation Galaxy will jointly hold annual summit on “Artificial Intelligence – Linking the Future” in Shanghai, China in August 2018. In recent years, the discussion and practice of artificial intelligence is climbing. Meeting the needs for modern times, artificial intelligence is in the intersection of machine learning, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of things and other emerging business model, as well as the inevitable direction of the evolution of modern civilization. We will focus on the hottest technical and commercial issues, “smart” concept and technology in all areas of important applications.


• Keynote Speech
• Artificial Intelligence Series Speech: robot, education, medical, finance, big data, natural language, Self-Driving Car
• Investment in AI


China America Innovation Network (CHAIN)
Founded in 2011, registered as non-for-profit organization in Silicon Valley
A cross-border platform that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship 
Core members from major high-tech companies in Silicon Valley (Google, Uber, Seagate, Chevron, SanDisk, Apple, Facebook), venture capital firms, and start-ups 
9000+ registered users in US and China, 100+ partners, and venture capitalists and startup founder groups
Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Assets Management Co., Ltd
Innovation Galaxy

Morning 9-12pm
Opening RemarksZhiyong Zhao, President, China America Innovation Network
Lingang Group
Keynote Speech (45 min)Yuri van Geest
Co-author, Co-owner, Exponential Organizations
Founder, Singularity University the Netherlands
Dutch Ambassador, Singularity University
Thinkers50 Most Promising Management Book Author Globally
Keynote Speech (45 min)Michel Saloff Coste
International Development Associate of Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Director of Research and International Relations of In Principo
Director of the International Institute of Prospective on Innovative Ecosystems of the Catholic University of Lille
Artificial Intelligence Investment speeches
Steve Cheng, Partner, iVision Ventures Partner; Founder, Xunlei Networks
Haijun Wei, Founding Partner, Grand VC
Lunch Break (12-1pm)
Afternoon 1-5:30pm
Artificial Intelligence+ speeches – 1
(15min each)
AI+medicalDr. Hao Zou
Visiting Professor at Stanford University
Chair Professor at Tsinghua University
Co-Founder/Technology Advisor of Tsimage Medical Technolgy and Abundy Inc.
AI+IT OpsSaptho Nair, CTO, Yosemei
AI+GameDr. Yuandong Tian, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research
AI+IPLiping Zhang, General Manager China, Dolcera
AI+EducationDhonam Pemba, Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Kadho Inc
Coffee Break (10min)
Artificial Intelligence speeches – 2
(15min each)
NLPYuchi Ma, Chairman & COO, Trio
Voice RecognitionYi Wang, CEO & Founder, Centaurs Tech
AI PlatformOscar Tseng, General Manager, Graphen Asia
Machine LearningJoe He, Machine Learning Product Manager, Google
Robotics speech / Panel Discussion
(15min each, then panel discussion)
Bing Kong, CEO, DEMC
Wenqiang Zhang, Associate Director, Institute of Intelligent Robotics, Fudan University
Yao Zhang, Founder & CEO, RoboTerra
Moderator: Victor Ye, Founding Partner of BridgeOne Capital
VIP Banquet (6-8:30pm)
Morning 9-12pm
Keynote Speech (30min): The Truth Machine – The Blockchain and the Future of EverythingMichael Casey, Senior Advisor, MIT Digital Currency Initiative; Public Speaker; Author; Chairman of CoinDesk Advisory Board
Keynote Speech (30min)Professor Fei-Yue Wang
Director, The State Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems
Autonomous Driving Speech
James Peng, CEO, pony.ai
Dr. Liwei Ren, Chief Data Scientist, Didi
Jewel Li, Cofounder & COO, AutoX
Tao Long, Founder, Tao Technology
Lunch Break (12-1:30pm)
Afternoon 1:30-5:00pm
Speeches – 1
(15min each)
Blockchain+eCommerceRobert Li, CTO, Cybermiles & 5miles
Blockchain+Digital PropertyDr. Wallace Lynch, CEO/Founder, Alpha Token
Blockchain+LegalTony Lai, Co-founder/CEO, legal.io
Blockchain+EnergyLe Lin, Chairman & CEO, Energy Blockchain labs
Blockchain+GameBenny Giang, CEO, Cryptokitties
Panel Discussion (45min)
Moderator: Danny Wang, Youbi Capital
Speakers: Tony Lai, Robert Li, Wallace Lynch, He Huang, Benny Giang
Coffee Break (10min)
Speeches – 2
(15min each)
Consortium BlockchainSong Liu, CEO/Founder, AAA Chain
Email MessengerHe Huang, CEO/Co-founder, MDT
Public BlockchainJiannan Zhang, CEO/Founder, TrueChain
Public BlockchainQi Zhou, Founder, Quark Blockchain
Panel Discussion (45min)
Moderator: Jing Li, CEO, Xiaofanzhuo
Speakers: Le Lin, Qi Zhou, Song Liu, Jiannan Zhang
Closing KeynoteTBD

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