2021 03 10 Photos de Michel Saloff Coste dans le cadre l'exposition Plaisir de France du 10 mars au 6 mai au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Baku

Le 10 mars dernier à Bakou a été inaugurée au Musée des Beaux-Arts l’exposition « Plaisirs de France – art et culture français de la Renaissance à aujourd’hui », en présence de Mme Mehriban Alieva, Première Dame d’Azerbaïdjan et présidente de la Fondation Heydar Aliev, et de M. Frédéric Mitterrand, Ministre français de la Culture et de la Communication. Inédite par son ampleur (400 œuvres seront présentées), cette exposition présente un panorama de la culture française à travers plusieurs disciplines : peinture, sculpture, gravure, tapisserie, photographie, et cinéma. Elle rendra hommage à la création et au « goût » français et réunira des œuvres d’artistes célèbres (Poussin, Greuze, Ingres, Degas, Braque…), prêtées par les institutions culturelles les plus prestigieuses : le musée du Louvre, le musée d’Orsay, le château de Versailles, le Centre Pompidou, la Bibliothèque nationale de France… Le commissariat de cette exposition a été confié à Philippe Costamagna, directeur du Palais Fesch – musée des Beaux-Arts d’Ajaccio, et sa mise en œuvre est assurée par l’Établissement public de la Réunion des Musées nationaux-Grand Palais (RMNGP). L’exposition « Plaisirs de France » bénéficie du soutien de l’entreprise française TOTAL et de la Fondation Heydar Aliyev et est exposée au Musée des Beaux Arts de Bakou du 10 mars au 6 mai 2012.

Six photos vintage de la série VEPRES LAQUEES de Michel Saloff Coste,
conservées au Musée Georges Pompidou ont été choisies pour cette exposition.


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Photo and poem by Michel Saloff Coste in the 70ies
The photograph is one of the serie "Paris la nuit" published in 1982
Dieses Foto wurde 1982 im Buch von Michel "Paris la nuit" in 1982 veroeffentlicht.
Das Gedicht wurde in den 70iger Jahren von Michel geschrieben.

Je voyage
Mais le paysage où je voyage reste.
Il reste à travers tout une harmonie,
A mesure que s'accumulent les mondes,
C'est là où tout se retrouve.
C'est là où je te retrouverai toujours
..... éternellement


I am traveling
but the landscape I am crossing 
remains the same.
It remains the same trough a harmony,
as different realities build up,
this is the place where all will meet.
This is the place where I will always find you
forever .........


Ich reise
aber die Landschaften die ich ueberquere
bleiben immer die selben.
Sie sind immer gleich 
vereint durch eine Harmonie,
so wie verschiedene Welten sich ansammeln,
das ist der Ort wo sich alles trifft.
Das ist der Ort, wo ich Dich immer antreffen werde
in aller Ewigkeit .......


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Notes from the Field: Design Me a Planet, Austria

"Design Me a Planet" ("Dessine-moi une planète") is the name of project founded by Michel Saloff-Coste and which is still in construction. The name comes from the sentence "Dessine-moi un mouton !" ("Draw me a sheep!") taken from The Little Prince from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The idea is to create a think-and-do-tank on the theme of creating a vision for the future, and not only incrementing from today, as it is done in sustainable development. There seems to be no think tank interested in building a vision on the planetary scale, and the do tanks such as ecovillages or transition towns only allow to survive locally longer against e.g. global warming but do not prevent it as humanity as a whole do business as usual despite all the warnings of scientific experts.

A first event in the framework of this project took place in Steyrermühl, Austria, from July 10th to 17th 2011. There were presentations in the campus of Steyrermühl (Ausbildungszentrum der Österreichischen Papierindustrie) from Michel Saloff-Coste, Alain Gauthier, Alexandre Rojey, Olivier Réaud, Bruno Marion through Skype, and the young Thomas Legauffre from France, from Ervin Laszlo, from Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk from Dallas, from Cheryl De Ciantis through Skype, and from local people such as Peter Boehm, Andréa Schlehuber, Elke Fein and Sigo Gatterer. We visited innovative places like the paper industry involved in sustainable development, which cleaned the rivers, Ars Electronica which is at the same time a museum and a laboratory on digital innovations, and Otelo that is a place promoting innovative small scale projects involving for instance permaculture, robotics, an autonomous (physically speaking) Internet-like local network, education for children. The potential of Austria is very surprising and it is almost an ecocountry where you can eat locally. At the end of the week, Benoît Hurel managed to organize an openspace technology to think about the future of the project. Joshua Raymond Frenk was very happy to find that the participants were not intellectual snobs but motivated people interested in the future of the planet.

One of the incentives for the founder is to prevent young people, often with high IQ and EQ, from committing suicide, as shown in a study put forward by Jennifer Gidley (who could not attend the week). Despite all their good intentions, projects like the Club of Budapest still radiate a sense of hopelessness derived from scientific forecasts. We paradoxically try to promote a new paradigm using the tools of the current paradigm, be they scientific or spiritual. It is not clear to what extent integral leadership and collaborative tools can promote a new paradigm: are they part of the new paradigm, are they just tools that can highlight material of any paradigm or any purpose? Using collaborative tools like Benoît Hurel did is possible but not easy and straightforward among so-called integral leaders. As long as hopelessness and innovation with old tools remain at the core of the projects, projects are very fine but are doomed to remain networking platforms. To conclude "Design Me a Planet" is a project that deserves attention, with a lot of potential and many skills around, but that needs to clarify its vision if it wants to take off.
About the Author

Michel Nguyen The is an alumni from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and holds a PhD in computer science from the École Polytechnique. He currently works in financial mathematics. He is a member of several associations having a transdisciplinary essence (Afscet, Groupe Béna, Nouvelle Acropole).


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Fwd: [MICHEL SALOFF COSTE GALLERY] New Planets for DMAP in Austria

I painted a serie of new gouaches with planets
for our forthcoming event DESIGN ME A PLANET
in Austria:

During this event I will also show my latest works in a group exhibition in the 
big exhibition room of the Papiermachermuseum in Steyrermuehl/Austria.
The sales of my planets, go directly to the support of this project as usual.
They became a official symbol and represent the artistic part of this integral adventure.



    Understand the stakes which shape the future
    Understand key success factors for a sustainable future
    Get information to design products and services of the future
    Share best practices and ideas
    Discover how different cultures influence the way to see the world and the future
    Be proactive
    Participate in an influent network
    Have fun and build a sustainable future for you, your family, your business, your country, the world

    Our priorities are to:
    Create a rich, diverse set of possible scenarios for the long-term future.
    Study the more robust scenarios and the critical factors of success within them for an individual, a company, a nation, and the world.
    Experience a venue allowing a rich exchange of views and creativity within an international, multidisciplinary, networked organisation.
    Establish a rich communication network regarding important issues of the future, to improve the awareness of concerned people and organisations.
    Be a resource centre for organisations and institutions dedicated to studying the future, while providing analytical tools and strategies for shorter-term decision-making in a rapidly changing world.

    We are bringing together diverse institutions that have a range of existing, relevant skills and proven methodologies for performing analyses of alternative futures and studying their implications.

    Our methods include:
    1. Cultivating Diversity and Otherness
    2. Modelling Alternative Future Scenarios
    3. Mixing High Tech and High Touch
    4. Managing the Process Holistically
    5. Using Trends and Dimensions
    6. Establishing a Creative Process Supplying Specific and Short Term Outputs for Decision Making

    The project is a joint venture of different research organizations which participate in the project, bringing their unique and specific analytic tools and skills. Each participant is expected to bring financial and research resources.

    The Research Program is open to research centres on the basis of mutual agreements.

    Research candidates to the network and the venture should present an application illustrating their motivations, background, and financial and research resources.

    The Research program is supported by sponsor memberships. All sponsors are provided with the basic package: a yearly research report, access to the Research program's Internet website, and a week-long seminar every year.

    TEL : +33 6 78723029 MAIL : michel@saloff.fr

    WHO CAN APPLY? We are looking for experts, geniuses, visionaries and anyone interested in contributing to planetary transformation and co-creating the world of the future, who are able to learn and to cooperate together....

    VERY EASY TO DO ! Just write and submit a one page bio with up to 10 slides about your interests/passions.


    LINK : http://designmeaplanet.blogspot.com/
Ausbildungszentrum der Österreichischen Papierindustrie
Papiermacherplatz 1 A 4662 Steyrermühl Austria ,Steyrermühl

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I made this linocut last summer in the
printing museum in Austria.
Now I colored some of the proofs in gouache.
Each one turns to be an original with 
his proper personality.
I will make some more soon.
You can find them in my SHOP.

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Fwd: [MICHEL SALOFF COSTE GALLERY] Vêpres Laquées - Andy Warhol

Photo Vintage de Michel Saloff Coste

Cette photo fait partie de la série Vêpres Laquées.
Michel Saloff Coste a côtoyé Andy Warhol à New York et
a saisie cet instant de fête au Palace
qui montre un Warhol naturel et décontracté.


This is a vintage photograph of the serie Vepres Laquées.
Michel Saloff Cost kept close to the underground of
the FACTORY in New York for some time and
he captured this moment in  a the PALACE party in
Paris showing a very natural and relaxed Warhol.


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