La planète bleue - gouache de Michel Saloff Coste

In recent years, I have started working on a series of paintings, both abstract and concrete ones: the planet series. It is particularly illustrative of my willingness to innovate and to break away with the past, but also to research multi-representational and sociological connections with the scientific, artistic, spiritual, spatial, temporal, ethnic and sociologic spheres. The planet series is innovative because it explores a theme which is pervasive in contemporary science and yet, paradoxically, almost absent in the current artistic expression: the theme of the cosmos.

Being a forerunner of contemporary art, I created a new trend, a new "school" clashing with the common themes and the traditional expression media: "the cosmic art". I consider the cosmos as a topic, but also as an expression support. Each painting is a proposition of a drawing, a destiny or a planetary "design" from a scientific point of view, but it is also a celebration of beauty and the diversity of outer space from an artistic point of view. And finally, on a spiritual level, each painting can be seen as a mandala, a meditation support to connect with the essential, beyond life and death, in the framework of a Jungian psychological perspective.

Socially, this series of paintings is the opportunity to incite reflection on the finitude of our planet and the way we are changing our lives, for better or worse. The money raised by selling the planet series is being used to run a systemic research and innovation program open internationally, "Design me a Planet". Through "Design Me a Planet" I invite the different stakeholders of the world to democratically discuss and create a real global program, viable and exciting through its beauty, its generousness and its truth.

I believe that during these last couple of years we witnessed the boom of each and every one's right to define himself and his life. However, this ego-trip can quickly become confining if it is not counterbalanced by a real open-mindedness to others and by the responsibility that everyone has toward this small and increasingly precarious spacecraft that is Earth.

Our planet is our common good: it's what we have in common!
For the first time in the history of humanity, our multiplied systemic impacts have made us responsible, locally and on the short-term, for the global challenges that we face on the long-term. Let us start together the intelligent mutations. These challenges make us innovate differently and represent an unprecedented opportunity to unite forces, collaborate, create and commit to intelligent mutations. Energy, food supply, cities, environment, health services, human society: far away from denial or catastrophism, we can find the solutions that will measure up to these challenges if we manage to combine creation, collaboration and innovation.

The Design me a Planet program is intended to facilitate innovation open to all global stakeholders in order to succeed achieving these mutations that we now know to be necessary and which require a considerable evolution of our collective intelligence. "Design Me a Planet" is a state-of-the-art creative body, a collaborative project, a HUB that associates prospective sharing, creative initiatives' setup, sharing best practices and operational support by connecting actors and experts of complementary sectors, so that the final result might be uniting thought and action.

Innovation dealing with global challenges is a vital necessity for all of us. "Design Me a Planet" is the first open innovation hub dedicated to global issues in a time when humanity is risking for the first time – and probably the last time – its existence, but also to the revelation of the planet's beauty, generousness, truth and meaning!

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