2012 05 12 : THE MOUVEMENT

Planet - mixed media 2012 by Michel Saloff Coste


Founding charter : written document defining the principal objectives of this artistic community.

THE MOUVEMENT is a community of international artists founding their creative expression on three main pillars: art, science, and spirituality.

This expression aims to move beyond the stances of imitation and critique and the attitude, as commonly expressed in contemporary art, of denouncing the excesses of modern society. Our principal purpose is to enact a transition towards the free expression of a vision based on the widening of conciousness and concious evolution on a planetary scale.

Beyond ART, the expression of an artist of THE MOUVEMENT is linked and connected, integral and systemic.

An artist of THE MOUVEMENT is working in one or several types of artistic expression : painting, sculpture, photograph, video, digital expression, architecture and design, among others. Music, dance, poems, and technology will play central roles as well.

THE MOUVEMENT has a vision in which art is put to a meaningful purpose.

THE MOUVEMENT seeks to provide an exchange platform for dialogues and expansion in which all members of society may find a source of inspiration and move together towards a better world for all of us.

The art works of THE MOUVEMENT are a medium, a vector, allowing the expression of the philosophy of sustainable development, transmitting this message from the artist to the spectator. The spectator is invited to reflect, interact and meditate on what is required to build a happy and sustainable future for all humankind. Everyone, viewers and artists alike, are stimulated to increase their awareness of their own potential, as well of the potential of our society, our cultures, and our economies to shift to a conscious evolution all over the world.

The group is supported by a material as well as an immaterial ecosystem.

-   collaborative internet platform
-   rotating collection of art works
-   international supporting galleries
-   group of commited citizens worldwide
-   art magazine for children

Any artist on the planet who is in tune with this charter, whereever he or she may be, has a place in THE MOUVEMENT.

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