Advising or consulting innovative projects .

Key Deliverables:

Designing corporate vision
Analyzing trends, variables and structural factors
Benchmarking international ruptures and evolutions
SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Validating strategic options
Defining new business models
Establishing synergies between internal and external communication
Defining and leveraging corporate culture and values
Boosting research innovation and motivation
Implementing change management
Developing intercultural management
Identifying international opportunities and partnerships

The Development of the Potential of an Enterprise (DPE). DPE is a process containing specific steps: interviewing the management team; evaluating strengths and weaknesses of the company; benchmarking the enterprise in terms of Culture, Management, Systems and Structure; creating awareness of key values; recreating the business model; integrating expert know-how and implementing change.

These approaches are described in detail in the book Le Management du Trosième Millénaire and in the synthesized paper "Strategies of the Future"

These seminars often take place away from the company offices and can be combined with foreign trips to visit other innovative or exemplary businesses.

The strategy work can be followed up by individual coaching in order to enhance the new management practices.

While we design a customized approach for each client, we generally work from three principles:

- To arouse in the client a new perspective: we help senior managers renew their fields of reference and develop the best strategic concepts in order to make more effective decisions in the rapidly evolving world of business.
- To impart new concepts and know-how: in the framework of new strategy, we propose pragmatic steps to management through diverse forms of individual coaching, team projects and seminars.
- To inspire a new form of energy: to better align the business culture with its strategic goals, we help eliminate organizational blocks and promote an innovative attitude in all members of a company.

Michel Saloff Coste enjoys conversing with public audiences as much as giving academic lectures. He speaks at universities and conference centers .
He is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year.
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