About CIFS

Every day companies and organisations make decisions, that is, strategic decisions of great importance for the future. Decisions that often have to be made quickly.
Contributing with knowledge and inspiration, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies supports decision-making. We identify and analyse trends that influence the future nationally and internationally. Through research, analyses, seminars, presentations, reports, and newsletters, we give advice on the future.
The objective of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is to strengthen the basis for decision-making in public and private organisations by creating awareness of the future and highlighting its importance to the present.
Our work methods range from statistically based analysis and the identification of global trends, to more subjective emotional factors of importance to the future.
The work of the Institute is interdisciplinary. The staff represents various fields of academic and professional backgrounds such as economics, political science, ethnography, psychology, engineering, PR and sociology.

The history of CIFS

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies was founded in 1970 by Professor Thorkil Kristensen, former Minister of Finance and Secretary-General of the OECD. It was set up in co-operation with a number of visionary organisations wanting to qualify their basis for making decisions through futures studies.
Since then, the CIFS has been at the front edge of developments of new working methods and analysis tools. These are regularly revised and improved in line with new knowledge and experience acquired, for instance through the CIFS contacts with research communities around the world.
The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is part of a number of global networks and participates regularly in conferences and roundtables. These exchanges of new ideas and visions provide the Institute with a global perspective and a strong basis for multinational projects.
Due to its size, a highly educated and experienced staff and co-operation with other international research teams, the Institute is capable of taking on a wide variety of tasks, including very complex ones.

CIFS Executive Committee

The CIFS council consists of representatives appointed by the Academy for Futures Studies, the member companies and the CIFS staff.
  • Group Senior Vice President, Kim Klastrup, Grundfos
  • Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen, chairman*
  • Niels Westy Munch-Holbek*
  • Kurt Malmbak Kjeldsen*
  • Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen*
  • Carsten Valgreen*
  • Futurist, Martin Kruse, CIFS
(*) Appointed by the Academy for Futures Studies

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